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Rick Moy | 12/03/2020

securing physical infrastructure

Securing physical infrastructure (like OT and IoT networks) poses unique and intractable challenges to organizations, because the risks and impacts of failure are higher. While traditional OT environments have been secured by a physical air gap, external connectivity requirements (like cloud analytics) and digital transformation initiatives have eroded those air gaps and introduced tremendous risks.

While physical air gaps prevent outside-in connectivity by hardening a perimeter, it does not protect the soft insides. For example, once malware is inside the perimeter, it is able to run amok. This is where segmentation and micro-segmentation are necessary for connected physical infrastructure.

Tempered enables OT to securely connect and protect critical assets across manufacturing, building management, energy, healthcare, public sector, and more. We enable IT organizations to securely connect to, segment, and manage physical assets within a perimeter and at the distributed edge. Securing the last mile of the distributed edge is where traditional cloud and network security products fall short.


build truly private networks

The only way to build and maintain a truly private network is to restore the fundamental principles of an air gap. Airwall™ creates a virtual air gap by using a native zero-trust infrastructure at the TCP/IP level, enabling a software-defined perimeter to protect all your ‘things.’ Unlike other cloud-based security offerings, we’ve solved the difficult last mile problem of connecting and protecting un-patchable or un-agentable devices commonly found in OT, IIoT, and IoT environments.

Airwall is built on the foundation of native zero-trust, a network design principle that nothing can connect until it’s trusted. It is conceptually similar to a firewall, but fundamentally different. Airwall uses a native zero-trust protocol (Host Identity Protocol) with state-of-the-art orchestration to create a truly private network on any existing network. No one else has created a solution that can make networks completely invisible to bad actors.


what makes Airwall different

  • Access + segmentation + cloaking + policy + global routing
  • Run-anywhere native zero-trust infrastructure
  • Last mile hardware goes were cloud-based SASE solutions cannot
  • Our customers can self-host ‘off the grid’ (ICS, SCADA, DOD, etc.)

the Tempered story

Tempered started with a simple vision: to create a secure and connected world. It has taken our 25 kickass developers 5 years to create Airwall.

We’ve battle tested it with 100+ customers, helping them secure everything from building control systems, to gas pipelines, to servers with sensitive confidential information.

As we look ahead, we’re excited to continue helping our customers protect, connect, and manage their physical critical infrastructure.

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