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Tempered Airwall: A Free VPN for connecting to LAN Worlds remotely

Gary Kinghorn | 07/09/2021

Have you wanted to open up a LAN world to your friends but can’t overcome the challenge of being on the same local network? There are various technical workarounds that are neither cheap nor secure.

Airwall Teams Minecraft

Use Airwall Teams to Set Up a Secure Home Minecraft Server

Rick Suehring | 02/06/2021

Airwall Teams is a perfect solution for Minecraft gamers to:

  1. Allow remote friends on different networks to connect as if they were on the same WiFi or local area network (LAN)
  2. Secure their own computers and network so that hackers and unauthorized users can’t access their systems even though their friends can!
  3. There's no need for a VPN either which can cost money or mine your data and which could be vulnerable itself.

Airwall Teams uses the same military-grade encryption and security protocols that protect critical networks including power grids, water treatment facilities, manufacturing plants and a whole lot more! The best part is that Airwall Teams is free and can save you tons of money from subscribing to hosted Minecraft servers. No more $8 monthly fees for a Minecraft realm.

secure communications Airwall Teams Minecraft