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5 Reasons Why We Do Demo Fridays to Connect and Build Better Products

Jeff Ahrenholz | 06/02/2021

If you are part of a distributed team (aren’t we all these days) or agile development team, you, your team, company probably do or have done demos at one point.  Demos are an amazingly valuable part of the development process for the company, especially given that most of us are now working remotely.  At Tempered, we constantly innovate and never stop thinking of ways to make our product even better. We started demos Fridays; it allows us to connect to the product team and everyone in the company. Demo Fridays provide a space for us to communicate what we’re working on, get instant feedback on new features, and collect priceless insights from the rest of the team.

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New Airwall release 2.2.12 now available: New device support included

Rich Langston | 05/25/2021

We're pushing out a new product update this week. Some notable mentions include Airwall Agents now available for Raspbian and Ubuntu ARM64, and new and improved Conductor features.


New Airwall Release Enhances OT/IT Security plus Nozomi Integration

Rich Langston | 03/17/2021

Today, Tempered Networks is sharing a pair of exciting announcements: a new technology partnership with Nozomi Networks, and a new release of our Airwall Zero Trust Software Defined Perimeter platformThe latest release, version 2.2.11, focuses on increasing visibility and control of traffic in the Airwall network, and flexibility of deployment.  It also features an integration with Nozomi. 

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Municipality Exposure Makes the Case for Advanced Challenge-Response Authentication and Virtual Air Gaps

Kevin Peterson | 02/12/2021

Water treatment and Sewage treatment plants are arguably the most vulnerable critical infrastructure in the United States.

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New Customers in 2020 Point to Growing Needs for Zero Trust Architectures

Gary Kinghorn | 02/01/2021

2020 brought great challenges to companies as well as individuals. We’re proud to have been able to help a growing number of organizations improve their security posture and resiliency. While energy providerand municipalities continue to rely on Tempered, we’re also seeing increased activity in the healthcare sector. The rising scourge of ransomware and the highly vulnerable state of medical devices have proven to be key concerns. 

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Emerging SolarWinds-type Compromises: Can You Really Burn It All Down?

Gary Kinghorn | 01/04/2021

Legendary security technologist, Bruce Schneier, recently wrote an article in The Guardian summarizing the impact of the SolarWinds security breach last month, and it’s probably a lot worse than people think. (The breach that is, the article was great!). If you don’t know the gory details of the attack, our CTO, Bryan Skene, covered it nicely hereSchneier was also quoted in an earlier analysis of the hack by noting how extensive the breach was throughout many of our nation’s most sensitive military and industrial networks, and, in fact, the extent of the compromise in each network, or how many networks, may not be known for years. 

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