New Airwall Release Enhances OT/IT Security plus Nozomi Integration

Rich Langston | 03/17/2021

Today, Tempered Networks is sharing a pair of exciting announcements: a new technology partnership with Nozomi Networks, and a new release of our Airwall Zero Trust Software Defined Perimeter platformThe latest release, version 2.2.11, focuses on increasing visibility and control of traffic in the Airwall network, and flexibility of deployment.  It also features an integration with Nozomi. 

Nozomi Networks is one of the leading providers of visibility, detection, and response solutions for Operational Technology (OT) networks.  Nozomi Guardian protects critical infrastructure, industrial and government organizations from cyber threats. Their solution delivers exceptional network and asset visibility, threat detection, and insights for OT and IoT environments.  

Our joint offering integrates Nozomi Networks’ leading network visibility, threat detection and incident response system with Tempered Network’s Zero Trust policy enforcement and centralized, software-defined perimeter management console.

First, the new Airspan feature allows customers to deliver complete network traffic flows to network monitors regardless of their physical location.  Airwall can mirror traffic locally or remotely to another Airwall via ERSPAN or directly to a network probe via GRE.  Traffic can also be completely encrypted inside an Airwall overlay network. This feature implements industry standard protocols, and thus works with any network probeAirspan simplifies Nozomi Guardian deployments by making it easier to collect traffic without compromising data security. 

Airwall + Airspan is a uniquely secure, remote traffic capture solution, that is also highly cost effective. Airspan is a separately licensed feature available on all Airwalls. 



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Chet Namboodri, Nozomi Networks Senior Vice President of Business Development and Alliances, provided their perspective on the product integration: “Tempered Airwall delivers the military-grade encryption and secure access policy enforcement that many of our joint customers rely upon to quickly remediate anomalies and threats in their networks. The combination of threat visibility and automated enforcement significantly improves security response.  Ubiquitous threats like the SolarWinds attack continue to emerge and industrial connectivity for remote work and connected smart devices continue to accelerate. Our combined offerings provide strong detection and defense against the rapid proliferation of advanced persistent threats, actively buttoning down attack surfaces.” 

Next, our new visibility feature leverages flow and event data collected from the Airwall network and alerts from partners like Nozomi about vulnerable or compromised devices. Customers can explore insights about which devices are talking to each other, what is being blocked, and threats discovered by Nozomi Networks. Airwall’s orchestration capabilities can then help remediate threats in real time by reconfiguring network policies to quarantine and block access to parts or all of the network by compromised devices 

Visibility is in “preview” for the 2.2.11 release.  The feature is evolving, and we want customer feedback before it reaches full production status in a future release.  Contact your Tempered system architect for help getting started with the feature.  


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Airwall 2.2.11 also adds the following features: 

  • Greater DNS flexibility – now you can assign separate DNS servers to Airwall agents and servers.  This will allow Airwall to use the correct DNS services, even if different DNS infrastructure is used in different parts of the network. 
  • Airwall now supports Azure Active Directory via OpenID Connect, enabling single sign-on and identity defined network policies to be based on the organization’s key directory. 
  • Many small improvements in diag mode, failover, API, and GUI.

Existing customers will see firmware for gateways, agent and server software available now in their conductor (version 2.2.8 or higher) and on our support site.  For more information, the Release notes are available here. 

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