New Customers in 2020 Point to Growing Needs for Zero Trust Architectures

Gary Kinghorn | 02/01/2021

2020 brought great challenges to companies as well as individuals. We’re proud to have been able to help a growing number of organizations improve their security posture and resiliency. While energy providerand municipalities continue to rely on Tempered, we’re also seeing increased activity in the healthcare sector. The rising scourge of ransomware and the highly vulnerable state of medical devices have proven to be key concerns. 

While network security has historically been difficult undertaking, we wanted to highlight some of our customers who have painlessly achieved greater security by implementing our Zero Trust infrastructure solution, making them and their customers just a little safer as we enter 2021. 

Large Energy Utility 

Another large energy utility owns, operates, and maintains electricity transmission and distribution systems in and around a major North American city with more than 650,000 customersThey needed the ability to monitor environmental conditions and make modifications to the systems as necessary, without having to roll trucks and technicians, which would result in costly delays and service interruptions. Their Control Systems team was looking for a secure connectivity solution for their remote substations and industrial customersto route and encrypt traffic between remote locations and central offices.  

The organization chose Tempered’s Airwall, after considering traditional IPsec solutions (like next-gen firewalls and VPNs). They realized how much more costly and complex those solutions would be. In addition to being more cost effective, Airwall allowed them to deploy at scale in 20% of the time it would have taken them with firewalls and VPNs 

“We chose Tempered because of the ability to scale without a huge upfront investment. We knew Airwall could scale to dozens or hundreds of sites if we needed it to, with a very linear upgrade process.”  

Control Systems Security Specialist, Large Energy Utility  

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National Healthcare Provider 

well-known national healthcare provider with 10 hospitals and more than 75 clinics had been hit with a debilitating ransomware attack and wanted to prevent this from happening again. This healthcare organization is distributed across multiple states with hundreds of regional providers, partners, contractors, and vendors who needed access to their network, this provider had over 3,000 physicians, 16,000 caregivers, and over 3 million patients.  

They started the search for a more resilient infrastructure to mitigate malware and other ransomware attacks, while still enabling secure access to patient data for those who needed it, and are appropriately authorized 

The organization chose Tempered’s Airwall and began by protecting third-party managed laboratory equipment and staff across all their hospitals and clinics. As critical equipment and systems were upgraded, they were securely connected and protected with Airwall hardware and software.  

Our journey to protect and segment distributed Healthcare Systems without compromising access, care, and quality, led us to Tempered. Airwall lets us stop networking with yesterday’s tools.”  

Director of Information Security, National Healthcare Provider 

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