Tempered Airwall: A Free VPN for connecting to LAN Worlds remotely

Gary Kinghorn | 07/09/2021

Have you wanted to open up a LAN world to your friends but can’t overcome the challenge of being on the same local network? There are various technical workarounds that are neither cheap nor secure.

If you just open up your network by publishing a network address and port number, uninvited hackers could join and scan your network. If you use a common VPN product for simulating a LAN over the internet, like Hamachi by LogMeIn, you could pay $49/year for a small network of up to 32 devices. You could also pay for your own hosted server at a couple of hundred dollars per year. Here’s a sample wiki page about the usual ways to connect to a LAN game.

Tempered Airwall changes all that. It gives a free solution for simulating a secure LAN network just like Hamachi, blocks all unauthorized users, and even encrypts all the game traffic over the internet!

It’s super easy to set up and install, as you can see from our 2-minute video walk-through. You’ll be up and ready to invite friends in only a few minutes.

If you want detailed instructions for installing an Airwall on your Minecraft server instead of a LAN world and setting it up for your friends to connect, refer to our prior step-by-step guide here. And note that while these instructions are for Minecraft LAN Worlds, these Airwall Teams instructions can be applied to any other LAN game that you want to use where you can connect players together with computer IP addresses or peer-to-peer connections. Let’s get started!


Start playing in 3 fast, simple steps:

  1. Install Airwall clients on your and your friends’ computers and connect
  2. The host opens a Minecraft World and opens to LAN
  3. Friends join the LAN World by copying the Airwall’s new IPv4 address of the host computer, along with the LAN game port number you generate. For example,


Step by Step instructions:

  1. Install Airwall clients on your and your friends’ computers and connect

Go to https://teams.tempered.io to sign up for a new Airwall Teams account. Airwall Teams is free for up to 25 users. You and your friends will eventually install an app on your devices, but you will normally access it from a web browser to give access to friends or change configurations.



Once you login to your new Airwall Teams account in your browser, download the Airwall agent selecting the right OS for your system.



As instructed by your OS, install the Airwall agent and wait for it to complete. If you are on Windows, you will need to run the installer as an Administrator.



Click on Activate (for Linux, copy and paste the command at the bottom of that window into a terminal/shell and run it). It might take several minutes for that step to complete.

Airwall Teams will automatically assign your system an Overlay IP address. This is a standard format network address that will be used by friends to connect to the server, but won't work for hackers. Make a note of the address so you can share with your friends.

You can then rename your host computer to customize it, such as calling it "Minecraft Server" (very original, we know), like so.



Now, to invite your friends, you just have to click on "Expand my network". If the new computer or device belongs to you also, select "Add a device to my network", otherwise select "Add friends..." and setup instructions will be sent to them via email.

Once the new system is running Airwall as well, click on the pencil icon in the Airwall Teams dashboard and draw a line between the two systems to allow them to talk to each other. You have now connected your systems together and you are ready to connect your LAN game!


2. The host opens a Minecraft World and opens to LAN

The host will open a LAN game like normal, make it open to a local network, and make a note of the port number as shown below:



3. Friends join the LAN World by copying the Airwall’s IPv4 address of the host computer

Friends will join the LAN World as if they are joining a local computer, but they will use the IP address of the host computer that they can see in their Airwall Teams client, along with the port address noted above. As in the example above, that would be



That’s it! You are ready to start playing just like you are on the same local network, not only for free, but in a safe, secure, and un-hackable way! Airwall Teams uses the same trusted security technology that protects hundreds of mission-critical networks across the government, electrical utilities, water districts, manufacturers, and the transportation industry.

Enjoy the game!

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