Introducing Airwall Teams: Our Free Zero Trust Remote Access and Private Network Solution

Rich Langston | 12/11/2020

A secure way to connect

I’m excited to announce Tempered has released Airwall Teams, a revolutionary new secure communications platform – and it is free to use forever. Airwall Teams allows customers to build secure communications channels between devices, regardless of where they are. Safely share data across mobile, corporate, internet, and cloud networks in just a few minutes. What do you need to connect?

A bit of context

Here at Tempered we build a network security product that is changing the way our customers think about security. Airwall was designed from the ground up as a replacement for the “air gap” that was the traditional “security strategy” of most industrial networks.

Airwall is built using Host Identity Protocol (HIP), which is essentially a re-imagining of core internet protocols designed to address their fundamental security problems – lack of trust, lack of encryption, susceptibility to various types of attacks, and an all-or-nothing access model. In fact, Airwall makes network assets essentially invisible, and it’s hard to attack something you can’t see. It also provides strong user and device authentication and simplifies segmentation of your network.

Obviously if you’re going to hook a power plant or factory up to the internet, it’s important to do so safely.

Along the way, we realized that our technology could benefit everyone, if we could make it easy enough to use. First, we removed all of the complexity needed for large enterprise deployments. Then we figured out how to automatically provision the complicated networking details that are a part of most network installs. All that was left then was security policy. How could we make this easy enough for everyone to understand? Instead of impenetrable CLIs or complicated GUIs, we decided connectivity between devices could be provisioned just by dragging a line between them.

Thus, Airwall Teams was born.


Announcing Airwall Teams

Airwall Teams is a free and easy-to-use secure networking tool. Use it to connect any devices, anywhere in the world. With Airwall Teams, you can:

  • Build one or more separate networks connecting your devices. These networks can span your corporate locations, the internet, cloud services, and even mobile networks.
  • Only 2 outbound ports are required for connectivity, so the days of managing long ACL lists for remote access are gone. Airwall Teams “just works” on nearly all networks.
  • Connect up to 25 devices: Macs, Windows systems, Linux, iOS, and Android are all supported.
  • Hub and spoke, full mesh, or selective trust relationships are possible. Simply drag lines to decide who can talk to whom.
  • Invite colleagues, friends, or family to join via easy-to-follow email invites.
  • Use it for free, forever.

Airwall Teams use cases

Airwall Teams is ideal for many security use cases, both at work and at home. Some ideas from our early users and employees:

  • Quickly build more secure remote management networks – security, DevOps, and admin teams are using Airwall Teams to provision access to data centers, AWS, Azure, and GCP. Stop managing ACLs and start getting your work done!
  • Ad hoc work groups for special projects. One group is using it to build special-purpose access for a website update project. Working from home, they can easily access the lab resources in the office to stage the new system. Another has built secure connectivity between their data center and AWS for their hybrid cloud project.
  • Set up connections between home and your phone, so you are never away from your media server, home security, and IoT.

Airwall Teams vs. Full Airwall

What Airwall Teams doesn’t include is some key features of our flagship product. Talk to us about upgrading to the Airwall Solution if you need to:

  • Use Gateways, both physical and virtual. Customers use gateways to connect entire networks of things that can’t run our agent – think IoT devices, NAS appliances, and the like.
  • Render your devices fully invisible. All devices on Airwall Teams operate in “split tunnel” mode and are not rendered “invisible” to TCP/IP traffic as our Airwall agents can be.
  • Set Layer 4 policy. All connections in Airwall Teams are “full layer 3.”

get started with Airwall Teams

Airwall Teams represents our commitment to making the world a safer place by simplifying security across the board. We’d like everyone to be able to protect their devices and data behind simple, private, encrypted networks without having to be a security expert.

The world is a complicated place, and securing it has, so far, also been complicated. The industry has come to realize this complexity contributes to security incidents. We are on a mission to continue making security simple, and are hard at work putting some of these design simplifications back into Airwall. In making the internet a safer place, we hope to help people connect and allow new ways of doing business to emerge.

Please visit our Airwall Teams product page to get started securely connecting things today!

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