Intelligent Buildings managed service protects OT systems and networks

Gary Kinghorn | 03/31/2021

Today's blog is a guest post by Darryl Benson, Vice President of Operations at Intelligent Buildings, in support of our joint announcement that they are using Tempered Airwall as the core of a managed security service for their REIT and commercial building clients.

So what is Building Cybersecurity?

Our readers are familiar with buildings, but to clarify, when talking about building systems, we’re referring to monitoring and control systems, such as heating and air, elevators, lighting, parking, and surveillance. So, what is building system cybersecurity?

Building systems use hardware and software working together to record data and operate equipment. Consequences of ignoring OT cybersecurity include business interruptions, brand damage, equipment replacement, and even life safety incidents. Enabling building cybersecurity will protect these networks and systems from mismanaged configurations and unmanaged access, which is essential to enabling business continuity. As your portfolio grows, the complexity and number of systems and system operators rise, which drastically increases the risks to unmanaged configurations and external network access.

108-IB-Cybersecurity Source of problem graph

External threats aren’t the only risks to the systems in your real estate portfolio. There are multiple causes for building system vulnerabilities, including remote access and exposed devices, hacking, power loss, poor contractor configuration, and even unintended human error.

  • 85% of buildings have unmanaged remote access or systems exposed to the Internet
  • 98% of organizations have no building system configuration set up requirements for operators
  • 85% of organizations have inadequate or no building system backup procedures

At the building level, cybersecurity is different than enterprise IT, and traditional technology and practices simply don’t work. There is an area of cybersecurity that IT companies and departments have been unable to tame—the vulnerability, fragmentation, and inconsistency from building systems and contractors. To further complicate the problem, traditional IT companies, solutions, and professionals lack the technical knowledge and cultural awareness of building OT systems.

To fill this gap, Intelligent Buildings has created specific methodologies to protect and monitor OT systems and networks with our Building Cybersecurity Managed Services.

How can building owners secure their building systems?

Powered by Tempered’s AirWall platform, Intelligent Buildings Managed Services effectively secure the disparate and fragmented OT systems and IoT sensors found in commercial buildings. Our turn-key offering integrates and simplifies a wide range of vendor risk management services for existing building systems and networks. As the necessity to be connected to both IT networks and the Internet grows, these networks prove to be more vulnerable to cyberattacks and mismanagement.

Why Intelligent Buildings?

Our Managed Services leverage Tempered’s AirWall technology to deliver the most secure remote access solution for critical endpoints for owners and managers, whether they are corporate, REIT, government, healthcare, or higher education. Our very demanding requirements for our remote access solution include 1:1-only connections that are invisible to the Internet and the elimination of all personal use.

To effectively access, manage, and monitor OT environments, decision-makers must treat remote access differently while also emphasizing the local systems set up, including passwords, backups, and software updates, as well as contractor and staff policy compliance to manage phishing and ransomware threats. Tempered’s Zero Trust approach provides a proven way to address the unique remote access needs while fully enabling Intelligent Buildings’ system and policy management services.

Our uniquely developed delivery of Tempered’s solution offers true plug-and-play deployment into any facility environment with varying staff skillsets—more quickly and at a much lower cost than competing IT approaches.


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