Use Airwall Teams to Set Up a Secure Home Minecraft Server

Rick Suehring | 02/06/2021

There are a lot of hosted Minecraft servers out on the Internet, but after a while it isn’t much fun playing with a bunch of random people. Most tips for setting up your own Minecraft server describe adding a port forward in your home router WHICH IS VERY INSECURE and leaves your home network vulnerable to hackers. Using Airwall Teams, you can set up a Minecraft server that can only be accessed by your friends and keep the bad guys out of your home network.

If you aren’t a networking expert, you just follow typical online instructions to install your home server… like this one telling you to open up port 25565 on your firewall… but that makes it easy for bad guys to scan for port 25565 and leverage vulnerabilities in Minecraft servers to penetrate your network.

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 1.40.33 PM

Note that some warnings exist about opening up your home network to potential hackers by setting up a Minecraft server (without Airwall Teams).



Compared to other options for setting up a peer-to-peer secure server like this, for Minecraft, or any other application at home or work:

1. No port forwarding

2. No shared internet server or associated hosting fees

3. You are able to share your own server at home with other friends and family

4. No sketchy VPN service that will mine your data or your wallet

Airwall Teams offers encrypted end-to-end tunnels that you can control. You decide who has access and when. It's the best way to allow a free shared secure Minecraft server!


Setting up a secure and private Minecraft Server can be done with these easy steps:

  1. Install Minecraft server (Windows or Linux). Rather than pay for Internet servers, you can use your own server at home.
  2. Sign up for Airwall Teams.
  3. Edit your file.
  4. Share with your friends.


Detailed instructions follow:

Set up your Minecraft server:

Follow existing online instructions for downloading and setting up a Minecraft server.

One site outlining these details is:

Verify that your Minecraft Server is operational from your local network before attempting to set up remote access for your friends.


Sign up for Airwall Teams:

Go to to sign up for a new Airwall Teams account. Airwall Teams is free for up to 25 users.



From the PC which is running your Minecraft Server, login to your new Airwall Teams account and download the Airwall agent.


As instructed, install the Airwall agent and wait for it to complete. If you are on Windows, you will need to run the installer as an Administrator.



Activate your Airwall Agent: Again, from the Minecraft server, click Activate (for Linux copy and paste the command shown).



Wait several minutes for the activation to complete.



Airwall Teams will automatically assign your Minecraft Server an Overlay IP address.

You can rename your Trusted Device to customize it.



Now edit This is the key step to make this work. You must tell your Minecraft Server it will have a new IP address. Edit the file for your server, making sure the server-ip= field is set to the Overlay IP set up for you by Airwall Teams.



Now it's time to test with a local user. Login to Airwall Teams on another computer that you want to use to connect to your Minecraft server (it can be on the same home network).

Click Expand my network and click Add a device to my network.

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 1.49.35 PM


Install the Airwall Agent and Activate it on this new computer.

Click the Pencil icon and draw a line from your new device to the Minecraft server to allow them to talk to each other.



Verify that you can access Minecraft. From your local computer, open Minecraft multiplayer and add a new server and enter the Server Address – which will be the Overlay IP address assigned to your server.



Now verify that you can connect and play. It may take a 20-30 seconds to connect and you may need to click Refresh the first time you connect.



Note that you will always connect to your Minecraft server using the Airwall agent and it will not be available on its regular local network IP address.



Invite your friends to play! In Airwall Teams, click on Expand my network.

Select Add friends to my network and enter your friend’s email address.

Click Add.

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 1.49.35 PM


Your friend will click on the link in the e-mail, and they will be asked to create an account in Airwall Teams. They can then install the Airwall Agent and Activate it on their computer.

Once they have activated their agent, you will need to go back into Airwall Teams and build a link between their device and the Minecraft Server.

Unlike a typical VPN, you will have complete control of when remote users can connect to your Minecraft Server.

And unlike Internet Servers, your Minecraft Server is completely private and only allowed users can connect and see your information. Your friends can log into Teams and see if they are connected, but they can’t make changes to the connection.



You are ready to have fun! Minecraft is a fun, creative way to interact with family and friends. Set up a separate video chat session as well and enjoy!!




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