New Airwall release 2.2.12 now available: New device support included

Rich Langston | 05/25/2021

We're pushing out a new product update this week. Some notable mentions include Airwall Agents now available for Raspbian and Ubuntu ARM64, and new and improved Conductor features.

Why should you update to this newest release?

The latest release addresses issues such as reconnecting previously with revoked devices or issues with port mirroring after deleting a destination. Additionally, if you want to connect a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 to an Airwall network or plan on installing an 8-port module in an already in production AW-500, you should consider updating. 

What’s new?

New Airwall Gateway 100v

The new Airwall Gateway 100v is a lightweight solution that can be connected to up to 5 devices either to the cloud or a virtual machine, similar to the 300v. Contact for licensing.

Airwall Agents now available for Raspbian and Ubuntu ARM64

You can now get an Airwall Agent that runs on Raspbian or Ubuntu ARM (for example, for a Raspberry Pi). Raspbian is a 32-bit operating system, so the Ubuntu ARM image (which is 64 bits) will provide better performance on a Raspberry Pi 4.

New and Improved Conductor Features:

  • Port mirroring: Airwall Gateways configured with port mirroring now show mirrored status in list and status views.
  • OpenID Connect: OpenID Connect tokens are now included in the web app log at the debug level to assist with integration.
  • User Preferences: The Conductor now remembers user page size settings across sessions, browsers, and computers.
  • Underlay Network view: Visually separates the different underlay IPs to show their ping statuses, RTT, and count as they are being pinged
  • Device name now shown on Overlay and Device pages: If you set a name for a device in an Airwall Agent or Server, it is now shown on the Overlay and Device pages in the Conductor.
  • CPU Graph Changes: Starting with 2.2.12, the CPU graph on an Airwall Gateway Reporting page now shows CPU percentage, not the previously shown CPU load average. The CPU percentage graph shows the percentage of CPU capacity being used on the Airwall Gateway over time.

Platform End of Life for Airwall Gateway/HIPswitch 100 Series

This will be the last release with new features that supports the HIPswitch 100 Series, which has been end-of-sale since October 2019.

Licensing Changes

  • You can now license an Airwall Gateway 100v for cloud or virtual deployments.
  • Port mirroring now requires an add-on license for any Airwall Gateway acting as a Mirror Source. Port mirroring is free until February 2022; please contact for a license if you’d like to try it.
  • Licensing page changes:
    • Licenses are now paginated as needed.
    • Vouchers are automatically consolidated.


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